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February 2021

Covid Update

Whilst the shop remains closed to customers we wanted to let you know you can still order through the website and obtain you orders by click and collect, local delivery or a standard postal service. Please get in touch with any questions -

Website Update

The ordering part of our website now runs on HTML5.

What's that I hear you ask?!

Most importantly it is cross-platform, which means it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a tablet or a smartphone, a netbook, or a Smart TV, if your browser supports HTML5, it should work perfectly.

Don't forget, you will get 10 free 6x4 prints when register a new account, so if you haven't yet, have a go! -

Valentines Day Gifts

Click the artwork or the link below to get to the Valentine gifts page.

Ordering a loved one a personal photo gift is so easy. We have put together a selection of our most popular gifts to help you decide.

If you had other photo presents in mind please get in touch and we will do our best to help you get what you wish for.

Recently I have been watching

I came across an old YouTube video of celebrity photographer Jason Bell photographing the cast of Poldark for Vogue magazine.

The results are truly beautiful photography! And Yes, I would like one of those cameras please!

The YouTube link is below if you were interested.

Recent Projects -

We decided to make some changes in the kitchen this week - most importantly some new photo frames on the wall! A mixture of my favourite photographs, mostly mine but one other by Henri Cartier- Bresson, "Boy Carrying a Wine Bottle", (Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1954).

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a master at taking photos of children in their natural playful state and I love the expression on the faces of the little girls behind!

I wanted the frames to be simple and black.

The frames I chose, if you wanted a similar effect are, of course available to purchase in the shop!

For your information!

This is an image I took on the way to a wedding in the lake District. Everywhere was so beautiful I was worried I was going to miss the wedding! From memory it was the road to Lake Thirlmere but it was 1998, so I may have that written down wrong!

This one is a little easier to remember as I took it few weeks ago walking near my home in Essex.

I blew the dog whistle to bring the dog back and they all looked at me -

A beautiful lockdown moment!

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